Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Things I have learned from my fellow classmates this semester

I have been following several people in my class on their blogs this semester from time to time and have found many things useful that I did not know or that I could find useful in my own blog or using in my assignments.

From Michelle Conway I learned about google forms.  I did not know about the Super Quiz. I learned that it was an add on and that you could arrange for google to email your students in your class their results of each response whether they got the answer correct or incorrect. I found that to be very useful. Her blog can be found at

I enjoyed reading the guest blog post on Dionne Motley's blog because I can relate so well. Her husband said that he cannot wait until December 16th when we graduate. No more eating on the sofa and sleeping with the light on! My husband cannot wait either! It made me laugh to read his post. You can find his guest post at  Although we are graduating and I will seek employment, I will continue my education.  I will probably have to seek an online master's degree.

I also read on LaStacia Johnson's blog something I liked very much.  It is very important for us to know our students and their families and the cultures that they come from.  She posted on her blog about our course in Family and Community Engagement for Exceptional Children.  She wrote "teachers should care about being educated on different cultures so that they can be aware of their student's background and better serve their students". This can be found at  I agree with this.  We not only need to be aware but respect the cultures of our students.

There were many more interesting blogs in our class.  This class has been interesting and I have learned a great deal about technology in this course.  It has been interesting and it has been nice to be able to keep up with my classmates on their blogs.  Good luck to you all in your future endeavors!

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