Friday, April 8, 2016

Tools for Formative Assessment

Today in classrooms all over the world you will see students using computers and smart phones to demonstrate their understanding instead of just pencil and paper as was the case not so long ago.  Teachers also use these devices for informal and formal assessments. Students enjoy playing games and Kahoot! is a great way to assess students.  They are playing a game but at the same time the teacher is finding out which students understand and which students do not.  The students have to log in with a code and each time they enter their response it records their answer and keeps a record of correct and incorrect responses.  Students enjoy this game and are quite competitive.  It is a good way to learn from their mistakes as well.  When they get an answer incorrect, they are more likely to remember it.

Kahoot! is free which is always nice. You can go to the Kahoot! webpage that will be at the end of the blog post and go thru a quick tutorial that will teach you a quick and fun way to assess your students.


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